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Finding good music in today's times can be challenging.  Music industry is becoming all about singles....and the album is getting lost.

You have most likely found this site on a journey to find music to listen to.   We are hoping you will pause to consider discovering or returning to the enjoyment of listening to entire albums.

Yes we are promoting one particular album, "to Listen" by Don Lambert, but that doesn't make this message any less true.

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 "to Listen" is a blend of several music styles and an album you are sure to enjoy in its that was meant to be an album, not just a collection of songs.  You'll find some rock, folk, blues, 60's style and some songs that are a little bit country -- but don't tell Don that... visit "The artist" page for more on that topic and the inspiration for the album.  Check out "The songs" for the story behind each song and read the lyrics. 

"to Listen" music CD by Don j Lambert
is available for purchase from Amazon for $12.95 plus shipping.

You may also purchase a download of the album at
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to Listen
was written and produced
Don j. Lambert


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