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For years ("too many") Don j Lambert tried to break into the Nashville songwriting scene. "As a songwriter you want your music to be heard." He signed a few publishing contracts. "There was a time when you could talk to the people who were getting things done." As Don puts it , "We got real close on one deal that might have broken down some doors, but in the end things fell through."

This album started as a personal project. "I thought I could pass out copies to family and a few friends." Once the music started coming out (it is no longer country) it took on a life of its own. "I guess I had some things to say."

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Don's thoughts on the "to Listen" album!

" . . . This was purely a creative effort. For me it was always about the music. Of course, I had to forget allot of what people had tried to teach me when I was trying to write commercially. I had to open up to myself; to feelings and ideas that I didn't always like. What started out as sort of a distraction (a kind of hobby) changed as the music started taking shape.

Sometimes songs come from the head; sometimes they come from the heart. Actually, that's wrong, because, to tell you the truth I really don't know where they come from. The songs I like, I call "the head songs," the songs I love, "the heart songs," although, sometime the heart can be less than kind.

Of course, I wouldn't want to mislead anybody about the music. It's not all that heavy - most of the time. I do have fun with numbers like "No One's Gonna Play This Song," and "Just Cuz I Wanted to." There's a blues number; just because I've always wanted to produce one. (See Behind the Songs) And "Rockola" is the pure rock number that I originally thought would be more of a sixty's thing. But Carolyn prefers the 50's.  Its Music that you listen to.

I'm proud of the album. I'm grateful that my life allowed me the opportunity
to produce it . . . "

Don j Lambert                               



to Listen
was written and produced
Don j. Lambert


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